Road Mole Circular Repairs for Potholes & Ironworks

Special Purpose Plant Vehicle

(Please note the Road Mole has been updated since the filming of this video)

Road Mole is an innovative all-in-one system used to permanently repair potholes, ironworks and other road defects. Road Mole’s revolutionary patented technology completely removes the damaged surrounding area via precision-cut engineering, providing a clean,  circular shape cavity for better compaction of asphalt.  Once filled with like for like asphalt from the on board hotbox and rolled a permanent sustainable reinstatement is completed. 

The system has been designed to eliminate some of the major health and safety hazards to operatives – namely hand arm vibration syndrome and flying fragments it also significantly reduces dust, noise (88db) and musculoskeletal disorder.



Our years of research and development with industry and engineering experts has created a brand new system and engineering practice that has proven 8 years longevity backed by scientific analysis, that will revolutionise the way in which potholes and ironworks are repaired providing a long term safer, sustainable and standardised repair that we believe will solve the UK pothole crisis.

Road Mole’s new technology and engineering practices are Covid -19 secure by ensuring close proximity working is no longer required in the process, achieving complete social distancing.




Road Mole, making journeys smoother and safer for drivers, hauliers, cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and others.



Road Mole is the solution

We are the leading the way for circular repairs in Asphalt:

  • Permanent pothole solutions – preventative & emergency repairs
  • Road re-lay preperation  e.g. removing potholes , to prolong the life of the road
  • Stepped joint repairs
  • Ironworks / Cats Eyes / Gully grids
  • Trench openings for Utilities

 Key Benefits

  • Health & Safety benefits for workforce (HAV’s, MSD, dust, noise (88db), Covid-19 secure)
  • Scientifically proven circular repairs – last 3.5 times longer than conventional methods
  • First time right repairs
  • Significant environmental benefits
  • Fast & efficient
  • Eliminates surface depression and water ingress
  • Cost effective
  • Monitoring system
  • Depth control to remove all damaged material
  • For use in all weather conditions
  • Contract Hire Service/Complete Service



A bespoke training package enables operatives to use Road Mole technology  – ensuring a safe working practice and quality reinstatement.


Road Mole’s “Triple S Vision”

Safer – Operator safety is our number 1 priority
Sustainable – Quality reinstatement’s for a better future
Standardised – All our processes are standardised throughout


Road Mole’s aim is to set a precedent by improving the way potholes are repaired.   We believe standardisation of the new Road Mole technology and proven engineering practice across the country is the key to solving the pothole crisis.


To discover how you can use this exciting new technology and become part of the new engineering practice using Road Mole  please contact our team who are always happy to help.


Road Mole


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