About us


Craig and Doug Jackson invented Road Mole in 2012. The two brothers have extensive knowledge of civil engineering and innovations.  Since 2012 the family team have worked with Highways England in amending clause 946 to allow for circular repairs on highways.  They have worked closely with top UK contractors and local councils to ensure Road Mole meets highways maintenance requirements whilst subjecting operators to the highest of safety standards.   The team endeavor to build awareness of Road Mole and the new engineering practice that it brings.


Meet the Family Team


Doug Jackson is the Co-Founder and Director. He is responsible for the design and development of the engineering methodologies. He has over 25 years experience in Engineering and has been recognised by Highways England for his collaborative work to change Clause 946 to allow to circular repairs on the road networks.


Craig Jackson is also Co-Founder and Director and owner of CSJ Civil and Mechanical Engineering Ltd, from which the project has been developed. His team operate the current Road Mole prototype and he also has 25 years experience in the sector.



Linda Jackson is the Sales and Contracts Director. She is responsible for the operation of both CSJ Civil and Mechanical Engineering Ltd and Road Mole and has exceptional planning and strategic skills.



Sharon Jones is the Marketing Director and Company Secretary. She is responsible for project planning and strategic growth of the project. She has developed and delivered presentations to prospective interested parties and built the company website.



Graham Jackson is the Validation and Calibration Engineer with 50 years experience in this field.  He  assisits in design and planning.




We strive to develop our new ideas and methods including a new road design layout to prevent potholes and defects occurring in the future.

Road Mole WILL help to solve the pothole crisis.

Permanent repair



“The Road Mole is to potholes as the digger is to excavation.” – D.G.Jackson