The System


The Road Mole pothole repair system can complete a permanent and proven repair within 10 minutes depending on the size of the pothole.  Liverpool John Moore University have concluded their findings in a detailed report.

Road Mole can bore a circular shape between 300mm – 1300mm diameter for potholes and 1000mm – 1800mm for ironworks.

The machine can run on bio-diesel making it more environmentally friendly.

The Road Mole system is a minimum 2 person operation to aid civil engineers / operatives.

Once the pothole repair is complete it can be driven over immediately.

Road Mole pothole repairs are guaranteed to last the duration of the surrounding road surface subject to the correct asphalt and working methods being used.



Road Mole can cut 900mm – 1800mm diameter removing the surrounding material from the ironworks leaving the frame easily accessible for replacement works.

As with ironworks cats eyes can also be cut around.

The drill can traverse from left to right with an overhang to cater for potholes in awkward positions.
This enables drilling to be performed towards the centre of the road or in between lanes on a motorway.

Cuts can be overlapped or routered.

OPTIONAL SPLIT SYSTEM – Details available on request.


A jet wash system is installed for vehicle and highway maintenance


Optional Extras

Material recycling system

A GPS pothole tracking system can be installed, enabling an accurate, quick response time for a  repair.

Sleeping quarters

Toilet facilities

Road Mole is ideal for:-
  • Motorways
  • Trunk roads
  • Emergency road repairs


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