About us

Solution to the Pothole Crisis

Road Mole Ltd is a business focused on repairing the nations pothole problems.  Brothers, Doug and Craig Jackson have designed and developed a revolutionary fast response circular repair system for potholes and ironworks.   Whilst the system is patent pending, Road Mole has completed quality circular repairs on Motorways,   A, B and C class roads and docklands, the repairs are monitored and are still sound.
The Road Mole circular pothole repair system will save billions of pounds worldwide in road maintenance, material costs and insurance claims from operatives health, damaged vehicles to injuries and sometimes even death.
We strive to develop our new ideas and methods including new design layout to prevent potholes occurring in the future.
Road Mole WILL solve the pothole crisis.




Permanent repair



“The Road Mole is to potholes as the digger is to excavation.” – D.G.Jackson



For further information about Road Mole please contact:-  
Tel: +44 (0151) 606 0070
E-mail: theroadmole@aol.com