Road Mole’s patent pending design offers huge advantages over traditional road repair techniques. From the list below you’ll see that not only can road and asphalt surfaces be repaired quickly, it is also more cost effective saving the country billions in repeated repairs.

Advantages of the multi-purpose fast response pothole repair system
  • Proven permanent circular repairs  (300mm – 1300mm)  can be completed within 10 minutes making it ideal for emergency repairs on motorways and trunk roads with minimum traffic management requirements e.g. crash cushion vehicles can be utilised to provide protection to the operatives during repairs.
  • Precision cut to required depth
  • Completely removes pothole within 1 minute
  • Fast Response
  • Cuts around iron works and cat eyes – incremental repairs  300mm to 1800mm
  • Hotbox, vacuum system and water jet system


Cost effective

  • 20% less asphalt than traditional repairs
  • Minimum of two operatives required (unless split system used.)
  • Minimal traffic management / disruption


Safety Health & Environment (SHE)

  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • No HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome)- Operator exposure eliminated and no requirement for operator rotation
  • Minimal dust
  • Minimal noise allowing night time maintenance
  • Low fuel emissions
  • Environmentally friendly – can run on Bio-Diesel
  • Safer working environment – no debris, low noise, minimal dust
  • Low noise nuisance factor to environment


Road Mole offers a  sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to maintaining the country’s roads and motorways.


The diagram below shows the amount of asphalt that can be saved using circular Road Mole repairs compared to the traditional.  It also shows the equal density that is exerted on the circular repair.

There is a saving of 2m³ of asphalt per 100m² pothole repairs.




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