Circular Repairs for Potholes & Ironworks

Merseyside Innovation award winners February 2018

Road Mole system


Road Mole is a patent pending all in one circular repair system for potholes and ironworks.   This fast response system is the only truly permanent repair system in the UK .  Built to client requirements available in 7.5, 12 and 18 tonne trucks.

Road Mole has many benefits including:-

  • Proven permanent pothole repairs
  • Completely removes pothole (up to 1300mm diameter) within 1 minute on A and B roads
  • Repair completed in 10 minutes
  • Currently undergoing Motorway trials
  • Fast response time for emergency repair
  • 20% less material used
  • Quiet machine process
  • GPS marking/mapped
  • Tested with densitometer / GPS reading
  • Safer working environment
  • All machines can run on bio diesel
  • No HAVS
  • Repairs around cats eyes and ironworks

For further information please contact:-
Road Mole Ltd
Tel:  +1 (0151) 606-0070    
E-mail: theroadmole@aol.com