Road Mole – Permanent Circular Pothole & Ironwork Repair System

roadmole pothole repair rigAn updated picture  of the rig is coming shortly

“The Road Mole is to potholes as the digger is to excavation.” – D.G.Jackson


Road Mole is an all in one rig for the permanent circular repair of potholes and iron works.

The circular shape cut is stronger than the traditional square or rectangular pothole repair, which is prone to deterioration, particularly in the corners. Road Mole Ltd have focused on this issue and created a revolutionary system that will aid civil engineers and operatives to repair potholes.  This new system will benefit the operatives as it eliminates HAVS. A small electric breaker may occasionally be required on certain materials surrounding ironworks.

Potholes cost councils millions of pounds across the country each year.

The Road Mole circular pothole system will save billions of pounds in road maintenance, material costs and insurance claims.

Road Mole WILL solve the pothole crisis.

Road Mole offers a  sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to maintaining the country’s roads and motorways.

The Road Mole circular pothole system is more efficient, cheaper, safer and quieter  than any other system.

The circular pothole system provides a permanent repair for the duration of the road.



The rig has been updated since the filming of this video a new video will be available shortly.

The above rig is used primarily for repairing potholes on motorways and trunk roads. A smaller pothole repair  system is also available for towns and country road networks.

The Road Mole rig and roller can run on bio-diesel making it more environmentally friendly.   A GPS pothole tracking system can be installed that will enable an accurate and quick response time for a pothole repair.

The Road Mole system is a minimum 2 person operation to aid civil engineers / operative.

It can bore between 500mm and 1400mm diameter.

A pothole repair can be completed between 10 – 20 minutes depending on the size of the pothole, making it ideal for emergency pothole repairs on motorways and trunk roads, with minimum traffic safety management requirements.

Once the pothole repair is complete it can be driven over immediately.

The pothole repair is guaranteed  to last the duration of the surrounding road surface subject to the correct asphalt and working methods being used.


Circular repair for potholes and iron works


Road Mole removes the surrounding material from the ironworks leaving the frame easily accessible for replacement works.

As with ironworks cats eyes can also be cut around.

The drill can traverse from left to right with an overhang to cater for potholes in awkward positions.
This enables drilling to be performed towards the centre of the road or in between lanes on a motorway.

Cuts can be overlapped or routered.


A jet wash system is installed for vehicle and highway maintenance.


Road Mole rigs are available to purchase.

For further information or to discuss options

please contact Road Mole Ltd on 0151 606 0070.



The Road Mole Ltd circular pothole system is more efficient, cheaper, safer, quieter and provides a more sustainable repair than any other system.

Road Mole – Permanent Circular Pothole & Ironwork Repair System