Circular Repairs for Potholes & Ironworks

Merseyside Innovation Award Winners February 2018

Northwest Regional Construction Award Finalists 2018

Road Mole system


Road Mole is a patent pending all in one circular repair machine for potholes and ironworks.    We are that confident in our permanent quality circular repairs Road Mole Ltd can offer a 10 year guarantee.  Why pay over and over again for repairs on the same pothole, costing the country millions? 

 Road Mole completely removes the pothole and damaged surrounding area, before filling with Asphalt, to ensure the pothole does not reoccur.  Road Mole circular repairs using like for like reinstatement of fresh asphalt and undertaken 6 years ago are still sound.  Road Mole systems are available to order in 7.5, 12 and 18 tonne trucks.

Road Mole has many benefits including:-

  • Proven permanent pothole repairs
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Completely removes pothole (up to 1300mm diameter) within 1 minute on A and B roads.
  • Repair completed in 10 minutes
  • No HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome)- Operator exposure eliminated and no requirement for operator rotation
  • Safer working environment – no debris, low noise, minimal dust
  • Fast response time for emergency repair
  • 20% less material used
  • Low noise nuisance factor to environment
  • GPS marking/mapping
  • Tested with densitometer / GPS reading
  • All machines can run on bio diesel – lower carbon footprint
  • Repairs around cats eyes and ironworks
  • Split system options – drill use only to aid Tarmac Operatives
  • Suitable for motorways, A, B & C class roads, docklands and car parks

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