Road Mole Circular Repairs for Potholes & Ironworks

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(Please note the Road Mole has been updated since the filming of this video)


Road Mole’s innovative working prototype is an all-in-one system for permanent repairs of potholes and iron works.  The revolutionary patent pending technology completely removes the pothole and underlying damaged  area, providing a clean, precision cut circle shape cavity for better compaction of asphalt.  The area is cut out, spoil is removed and replaced with fresh like for like asphalt then rolled resulting in a permanent equal density repair.  

 We have focused our design on aiding asphalt operatives by eliminating the use of vibrating tools reducing HAVS (Hand – Arm Vibration Syndrome)  for standard repairs.  Road Mole has achieved this by using a remote control to operate the system and ensures that whilst cutting the asphalt, it protects against dust and  flying fragments with the use of a cowling.

All Road Mole circular repairs undertaken over seven years ago are still sound.  

CSJ Civil & Mechanical Engineering Ltd carries out this unique repair using Road Mole technology regularly on heavily trafficked dockland roads.  

Successful trials have been carried out in many areas including  Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council with Colas, Aone+ and  Highways England  M62 & M80  and TfL (Transport for London) road networks .  Road Mole has been recognised by Aone+ for best practice working methods on the Considerate Construction Scheme – Best Practice Hub.

We aim to set a precedent by improving the way potholes are repaired and believe standardisation across the country is the key to solving the pothole crisis.


Some benefits of using Road Mole system:-

  • More durable and sustainable than conventional repairs
  • Proven longevity of 8 years  on circular repairs with zero failures
  • Completely removes the pothole and damaged area    


SAFE for operators
  • Safer working method, All – in – one system
  • Zero HAVS during asphalt cut- reducing claims
  • Eliminate turn around for operatives
  • Reduces Musculoskeletal damage with Remote control
  • Zero debris or flying fragments,
  • Minimal dust
  • Low noise


Cost Effective
  • Circle repairs last at least 3.5 times longer than conventional repairs
  • Standard materials used – like for like asphalt reinstatement
  • 20% Less asphalt required in comparison to traditional repairs of same width and depth.
  • All weather conditions 24/7
  • Reduce insurance claims
  • Reduce traffic management
  • Avoids repeated road disturbance to visit same defect


Precision cut to depth
  • Allows for intricate work on utilities
  • Safely removes damaged area
  • Enables more accurate financial forecasts for asphalt usage etc.
  • Clean, precision cut circle cavity resulting in equal density compaction of asphalt
  • Preserves underlying cobbled streets
Improves  road user satisfaction
  • Improves customer experience 
  • Consistent quality repairs throughout the network.
  • Safer Network  – reducing KSI (Killed or seriously injured) on the SRN (Stategic Road Network)  
Repairs around cats eyes and ironworks
  • Precision  circle cut around cats eyes and ironworks
  • Training for operatives – upskill labour force



       Ideal for motorways, A roads, B roads, classified unnumbered roads, unclassified roads, airports, car parks, race tracks, & docklands etc.

Road Mole undertakes a safe sustainable method of repair.  This method can be adopted throughout the country to ensure standardised safer working practices, whilst maintaining longevity of repairs to potholes.  


We understand that each client has different requirements  therefore we offer bespoke packages including smaller systems.  


Road Mole Ltd.


CSJ Civil & Mechanical Engineering Ltd.

Specialists in Road Mole circular pothole, ironworks & utility repairs.








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